The Coins

Find 6 caches in a county, get that county's geocoin, free!

The coins are 1.75", beautiful polished brass finish, with a different design for each county. On the back of each coin is the standard AGT design. Coins are not for sale; they are only available to those who find the caches.

Get the 11th Bonus Coin!

Image Image

Find 6 or more caches in all 10 counties and receive a special 2" 11th coin! This coin is available at all 10 county redemption locations. Please bring your passport with you to validate eligibility.

If you are having trouble making it to any of the 10 county validation locations, contact the Oil Region Alliance (814) 677-3152 or mail your passport (Oil Region Alliance, 217 Elm Street, Oil City, PA 16301) for validation and coins. Your passport and coins will be returned within a few days. Please consider a donation to the Oil Region Alliance of $5.00 or more to cover return postage and handling.